The Past

I took these pictures because I love old buildings like this. The history, the stories that may never be told again. The scenery just touches my soul. I could explore old houses and buildings all day. Unfortunately, I don’t get the chance to do this often. We try to make it happen when my older sister visits from Ottawa. She loves it as much as I do.


When I see this old grain elevator I always focus on the word Promise. I’m not sure why it’s written on this particular one but I love the thoughts that come when I think about it. The Promise of the future? Of the past? I know there have been promises in my life that have ended being just like this old elevator, abandoned and unkept.


Do you have a fascination with old buildings? History? What do you think when you see pictures like these?



Making Memories

Every year for the past 51 years there has been a Christmas party for all the neighboring families at the little one room school a mile from our farm. My husband used to go when he was a kid and his Mom when she was a young girl. Now our kids get to go. In fact, my husband’s Grandfather used to attend school there.

It was built in 1914 and so we are trying to plan a big 100 year party for summer 2014. I hope it’s a huge success.


We have a big potluck supper and desserts which everyone enjoys. Once supper is done, Santa comes in and hands out a present to each and every kid there. It’s such a joy to see each face light up as they hear their name called! After everyone gets their present, Santa gives the kids a treat bag and we try for a big group shot of all the kids. Young babes to teens are all welcome and share in the magic of the season.


I can’t wait to take my kids every year while they live at home. And maybe someday the 5th generation of this family, our grandkids, will partake in this magical party. Merry Christmas!




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