He Doesn’t Realize How Great He Is

Last week, my husband exclaimed how lucky we were to finish combining our durum before the first freeze. He repeated it and I just smiled at him.

This week, he’s saying we’re lucky to finish our canola before another rain and freezing temps.

I’ll tell him it’s not lucky, it’s all his hard work and a blessing from above that has made these two great things happen for us. He’s worked relentlessly to finish harvest and I’m so proud of him.


It’s been blood, sweat, my tears, and setbacks this year but we made it through once again. And with that, the 2013 harvest is finally done. Hallelujah!


The Start of Harvest

We’ve started harvest for 2013 and so far so good. A couple of minor breakdowns and setbacks but we’re chugging along. Barley was our first crop and it was seeded at our other farm, about 40 miles away. Yes, 40 miles. One way. I’ve been making the trip everyday in the evening to feed the menfolk supper. It’s hard with two small children. I’m sure it’ll be harder when they are in school. My 3YO son has been gone most days with his Daddy and Poppa cause he loves to “help”. He manages so well with being in the combine or semi all day. It amazes me because I get can easily get bored sitting in a small space riding around a field.


The barley ended up running about 40 bushels per acre. Pretty good for some of our poorest land. One and a half of our new grain bins are full up with barley. Some will be cow feed instead of selling it all.


Today is the start of canola combining and I hope it yields just as good if not better. It’s mostly all swathed so a different header on the combine is used. It was also seeded on better land so this may help the yield.


Definitely a few more weeks of harvest to go and I hope it’s smooth and safe.

The Hills Are Alive With Farming


These hills in Southern Saskatchewan are home to us. We farm hills and our cattle graze hills. In fact, we do not grain farm any flat land although my husband more than wishes we owned some. I like that we are hidden in the hills and can’t see every neighbor within 5 miles of us. And I won’t take offense anymore if someone jokingly or otherwise calls me or my husband a hillbilly.

This evening I got a phone call that any farmer’s wife jumps for joy while talking. Our harvest for 2012 is complete!!! It’s been ongoing since the beginning of August so exactly two months later we are done. A big sense of accomplishment is floating around here tonight and we are happy. It all started with the peas, then the canola came pouring in (our best crop this year), the durum was done third and now all the flax is in bins. We didn’t do amazingly this year (although we had high hopes like every year) but we didn’t do poorly either. It’s been one of the driest years out of the 8 I’ve been here so we didn’t expect bumper crops.


Our last supper in the field tonight! For this year anyways 😉

I hope all of you had a great harvest too. Whether it be your grain fields or your garden.



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