He Doesn’t Realize How Great He Is

Last week, my husband exclaimed how lucky we were to finish combining our durum before the first freeze. He repeated it and I just smiled at him.

This week, he’s saying we’re lucky to finish our canola before another rain and freezing temps.

I’ll tell him it’s not lucky, it’s all his hard work and a blessing from above that has made these two great things happen for us. He’s worked relentlessly to finish harvest and I’m so proud of him.


It’s been blood, sweat, my tears, and setbacks this year but we made it through once again. And with that, the 2013 harvest is finally done. Hallelujah!


The Past

I took these pictures because I love old buildings like this. The history, the stories that may never be told again. The scenery just touches my soul. I could explore old houses and buildings all day. Unfortunately, I don’t get the chance to do this often. We try to make it happen when my older sister visits from Ottawa. She loves it as much as I do.


When I see this old grain elevator I always focus on the word Promise. I’m not sure why it’s written on this particular one but I love the thoughts that come when I think about it. The Promise of the future? Of the past? I know there have been promises in my life that have ended being just like this old elevator, abandoned and unkept.


Do you have a fascination with old buildings? History? What do you think when you see pictures like these?


The Start of Harvest

We’ve started harvest for 2013 and so far so good. A couple of minor breakdowns and setbacks but we’re chugging along. Barley was our first crop and it was seeded at our other farm, about 40 miles away. Yes, 40 miles. One way. I’ve been making the trip everyday in the evening to feed the menfolk supper. It’s hard with two small children. I’m sure it’ll be harder when they are in school. My 3YO son has been gone most days with his Daddy and Poppa cause he loves to “help”. He manages so well with being in the combine or semi all day. It amazes me because I get can easily get bored sitting in a small space riding around a field.


The barley ended up running about 40 bushels per acre. Pretty good for some of our poorest land. One and a half of our new grain bins are full up with barley. Some will be cow feed instead of selling it all.


Today is the start of canola combining and I hope it yields just as good if not better. It’s mostly all swathed so a different header on the combine is used. It was also seeded on better land so this may help the yield.


Definitely a few more weeks of harvest to go and I hope it’s smooth and safe.

A Trip to the Terminal

Yesterday my husband and I hauled a load of durum to the grain terminal. He got the price he wanted for it and this was the 3rd of 4 loads of durum to haul.


You pull up and a vacuum comes down and sucks a small sample from your trailer. They test it for moisture, diseases, bugs, protein. All these make up your dockage and determine how much grain is in your trailer.


Our total haul yesterday was about 1200 bushels. With one more load going tomorrow and then a cheque 😀


Once your sample is done being processed, you pull up to a grate and open an unload hole under the trailer. The grain dumps down into the grate which only takes about 10 minutes.


Close the unload underneath and put the tarp back on top. All done!


Easy Breathing Days Ahead

A couple days ago my husband texted me to say the market had hit our contracted durum price. Hooray!! He told me he’d be hauling to the terminal this weekend on his days off from oilfield hauling. A relief on the old bank account.

Today he texted me to say the market had hit our contracted canola price. Double Hooray!! He will also haul all of this crop to the terminal.

Later on today he texted me to tell me a semi will be coming tomorrow to load out 2011 organic flax which will be hauled to the States. Sold all of it so we will no longer have any organic crops on our farm. I’m glad we found a decent buyer who have us a worthwhile price for this crop.

Spring is our big payment paying time so this income coming in will be a huge relief. And with the price of canola going up, the price of fertilizer will also rise. So now is the time to buy our fertilizer for this seeding year.

I’ve had many smiles today with all these good news texts from Brad. I hope the good news keeps coming and we can sustain the farm until a hopefully good harvest in the Fall.

Reward Time

It’s that time of year again!!!!! The reward for our hard work is coming in off the combine. We seeded peas first so they are being combined first.


Brad tried swathing them first but a little bit of wind came along and blew the swathes all over. So off he went to town and wheeled and dealed for a new (to us) John Deere combine. He got a good deal and it works like a dream.


Brad’s Dad came out and drove the semi and unloaded so everything is going smoothly and quickly. Hooray! By tomorrow, I do believe all our peas will be in the bin. Such relief!


I really like the ruddy, red and brown colors of ripe standing peas.


Next stop: Canola!


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