Sometimes It’s Not Fair

Some days I hate farm life. Not very often but they do happen. It’s not fair. Not fair that my husband can’t be here to celebrate special days; Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Not fair that in order to feed the world, we have to be broke half the year. Not fair that at times when I need my husband most, the cows need him more. Not fair that at busy times of the year, he’s never home for family supper or to kiss his kids goodnight. Not fair that I have to make my Mother In Law get groceries with me because I need two carts and my husband is too busy to come. Some days it’s not fair the he has to reheat every meal in the microwave because he was too busy with cows or a machinery fix to come in on time.

Most days I am incredibly grateful to live here and enjoy all the natural beauty of our land. But the sadness and anger creep up sometimes. The odd day I dream of 9-5 jobs and easy things like delivery food. But that’s just not who my husband is and I don’t think that’s who I am anymore. I know I wouldn’t get to see this living in a city.



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