He Doesn’t Realize How Great He Is

Last week, my husband exclaimed how lucky we were to finish combining our durum before the first freeze. He repeated it and I just smiled at him.

This week, he’s saying we’re lucky to finish our canola before another rain and freezing temps.

I’ll tell him it’s not lucky, it’s all his hard work and a blessing from above that has made these two great things happen for us. He’s worked relentlessly to finish harvest and I’m so proud of him.


It’s been blood, sweat, my tears, and setbacks this year but we made it through once again. And with that, the 2013 harvest is finally done. Hallelujah!


Mommy Cheats

It’s hard. Being a Mommy, wife, and a farm helper.

Sometimes it’s easier to skip the bath and put the kids to bed dirty.

Sometimes it’s easier to let my 4 year old nap in my bed with me.

Sometimes it’s easier to let the dishes pile up.

Sometimes it’s easier to give my 2 year old the iPad so I can do a chore in peace.

Sometimes it’s easier to pick up a pizza in town and take it to the field.

Sometimes it’s easier to let my kids run around the backyard like wild animals while I make a decent supper.

Sometimes it’s easier to skip the fighting before bed and just let the toys lay all over the living room.

Sometimes it’s easier to heat up something from a can for lunch.

Sometimes it’s easier to pick clean clothes out of the basket instead of folding and putting away.

Sometimes I need life to be a little easier. I do my best for myself and my family and even though it’ll never please everyone, we get by just fine.


3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions...


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