My Damn Oven Broke and Other Random Poopyness

I’m not feeling Christmas this year. I mean I was at the beginning of the month but it’s slowly dissipated. Because this thing happened. And this thing. And this thing. And some of it not even to me or my immediate family but why does bad stuff happen to good people?! I’m sad for others having hard times right now. And the fact we haven’t visited anyone yet. And we have no Christmas baking.

My extended family is far away or sick. And I will not have the flu on Christmas Eve again like I did in 2010. I puked on my son’s head that night. Total accident. But my husband still brings it up on random occasions. And my husband’s parents are gone for Christmas. Nothing like hearing a 3YO constantly ask to go see his grandma and poppa for a week straight.

My bottom oven element went the week before last. Husband attempted to fix it when all of sudden a loud POP was heard in that general direction. The fixing made it worse so now even when these damn elements show up in the mail we still won’t have an oven.

What is Christmas without yummy homemade treats??? And cookies for Santa? Santa might get potato chips and pop at this house. Maybe we’ll start a new tradition.

Oh and did I mention my husband is working all through Christmas week? Up and gone at 5am and home anywhere from 4pm-10pm. Should be fun explaining to a 3YO that yes, Santa filled our stockings and brought presents but NO touching til Daddy gets home. Whenever that may be.

I really am grateful that I have my kids with me (mess making, screaming people they are). And I can’t wait to see their faces as they open their presents (whenever that actually is).

P.S. It’s a blizzard here now. And roads are closed. Travel not recommended. But I have to go to town in the morning because we have no Christmas booze.

P.S. Christmas is my birthday. So I’m spending that like any other day too. Hopefully I can find a babysitter next weekend and go have a good time in a pretty dress and shoes.


Making Memories

Every year for the past 51 years there has been a Christmas party for all the neighboring families at the little one room school a mile from our farm. My husband used to go when he was a kid and his Mom when she was a young girl. Now our kids get to go. In fact, my husband’s Grandfather used to attend school there.

It was built in 1914 and so we are trying to plan a big 100 year party for summer 2014. I hope it’s a huge success.


We have a big potluck supper and desserts which everyone enjoys. Once supper is done, Santa comes in and hands out a present to each and every kid there. It’s such a joy to see each face light up as they hear their name called! After everyone gets their present, Santa gives the kids a treat bag and we try for a big group shot of all the kids. Young babes to teens are all welcome and share in the magic of the season.


I can’t wait to take my kids every year while they live at home. And maybe someday the 5th generation of this family, our grandkids, will partake in this magical party. Merry Christmas!



George, the Stuffed Deer Head

For as long as I’ve lived here, there has been a stuffed deer taking up valuable wall space right in my living room. I’ve griped and complained but to no avail. And yes I know I live in Saskatchewan. On a farm no less. And married a guy who hunts. But really?!?! Right in the living room??? Why not in the garage? Or out in one of his THREE shops? It ruins any possible decor I could have going on in here. And this year it looks like he’s eating my Christmas tree. Or kissing it. No, I’m not joking. Just have a look at this…

December2012 099

Update: George has been removed from the wall. I wanted him in the burning barrel but husband decided the basement would be better. My Christmas tree will stay up year round to keep that deer head off the wall.


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