Guard Cows

A few years back, I was out here in the hills with my newborn son and no one else. It was hunting season which is a pretty big thing around here. It was late afternoon and I heard shots. Loud shots. Close shots. And I was scared. There’s always a little fear when I’m here by myself because we are so rural. I think 4 or 5 shots rang out and I noticed they were coming from somewhere in front of my house. Soon after they quit I realized how freaking irate I was! How dare someone shoot a gun so close to my house, our shops and our corrals??? I phoned my husband and he raced out here but the person/peoples were already gone. However, there was blood in the snow in our haystack.

We did eventually find out who it was and husband gave him a stern talking to. He was just a young teenager from a nearby farm. And he knows better than to be hunting around people’s farmyards now.

Anyways, I have gotten off topic. I was hanging out with my kids late this afternoon when I saw the glint off a truck’s grill out in one of our fields. There is no hunting on our land if you haven’t asked us for permission. Main reason being, we have cattle. Very easy for our cows to be in the fields and someone starts shooting. I can’t even imagine how mad my husband would be. I watched out the window for a bit as this truck drove around out there. Again, it’s hunting season and no one came in the yard or asked permission. There’s nothing I could do from the house but I want people to know to ask the landowner before hunting or just cruising around unknown land.

I tweeted that I had seen this truck and that no one had permission. And was told to release the hound. Well my 13 year old dog, Homer is in no rush to run far afield to chase a truck. Different story if you are a strange vehicle coming in my yard. I replied back that I should release the cows, all 200 of them, and they could stampede that truck. Wouldn’t that be scary? Or better yet, our 3 massive bulls could dent that pick up truck pretty good. And scare off the hunters. Maybe they could get the message out to ask permission.

All in all, I’m glad I have a guard dog, guard cows and guard bulls. And great people on Twitter! This is your warning to stay off my land 😛


This one’s for my sister Nette. You can check out her awesome writing skills over at Read one of her Moe stories and you’ll want to read them all!



A Cattle Procedure From Way Back

I won’t show gross photos! We dehorn our calves every Fall. It is kind of gross in person. There is blood. But I won’t show that. I don’t want to scare my few followers away. It’s actually fun though. I love chasing the herd into the corrals and rounding them up to get them through chute. This year it was just me, my husband, my mother in law and a good friend of ours. We ran all 200 cows plus that many calves and our three bulls through the chute. The cows and bulls got vaccinated against some diseases and the calves got dehorned. Out of 200 calves I’d say only about 30 had horns that needed to be cut off. Back in the day, before I arrived here, they used a wire with two wooden handles and sort of sawed the horns off. Now we have a dehorner the cuts them off. It’s a lot easier and less time consuming.

We have to trim the hair around the horns for an easier grab with the dehorners first. then the horns get cut off and we slap some flour on the holes to help stop the bleeding. Since we’ll be selling the calves in a couple weeks, if they just had tiny nubs for horns we left them be. It’s a pretty straight forward process and doesn’t take long if everyone, cattle included, cooperate and do their jobs.

My husband runs the main chute (head gate) because he is the strongest and most knowledgeable. Also if a cow or calf gets through without being properly processed it’s all his fault and the rest of us don’t get crap. Last winter my husband bought a couple purebred heifers who birthed purebred bull calves. So we kept their nuts on them and hope to sell them in the Spring as purebreds. We put them in with the bulls and they look so small compared to the big grown bulls.

And just cause I like the look of a nice golden straw bale.

Poop, Poop and More Poop

I am a Mommy. And a stay at home Mommy at that. So I know poop. I’ve been changing diapers and wiping bums for 3 years straight now. I also live on a farm. A farm that has cattle. So I know cow poop too.

A big time every Fall on this farm is when the corral cleaners show up. This year was a little later than usual so we had a lot of snow on the ground when they started hauling the poop out. The snow was actually a benefit because it kept the horrid smell down. We spread the poop over fields for some natural fertilizer.

When I first moved out here, I went for a ride in the tractor spreading manure. I had never been on a farm prior to moving out here. So I wore flip flops to walk through the corrals and get in the tractor. Needless to say, I was bawling after I was done because I had cow poo all over my feet. I’m not such a wuss 9 years later.

Books of Remembrance

I like learning about the World Wars. I love reading any book I can find that involves either war. The one I am reading right now is called Voices From The Second World War and it has viewpoints from all sides of the war. I particularly love the Band of Brothers mini series too. Plus the book. Always the book. You can not go wrong reading the book first. And again and again. I wanted to share with you some of my collection of books. This is not even half. If you find yourself wondering about the wars and want some reading material, just ask me for a recommendation. I have mostly Canadian, American and British viewpoints in my book collection but not solely.




Of course I also have The Diary of Anne Frank, a favorite of mine since childhood. I hope my kids love it as much as I do. I will never stop collecting these books. I will always be learning about this subject and loving every minute of it. I am glad my family is interested too so I can discuss these books and new ones I find.

If you have an exceptional read on this topic please feel free to share it with me. I just may not have read it yet.

Stormy Winter Days

This is what it looks like out my front window at 5:00pm today. And it’s only going to get worse through the night.


This coming storm is also combined with both my kids being sick. This means we are hunkered down and hibernating at home. We haven’t went anywhere for four days and don’t have plans to leave anytime soon. So we played and laughed and cried and coughed and napped today.

Do your kids like sitting in their toybox? Because mine do. They methodically throw all the toys out and then park their little rears in there and talk and play with toys they haven’t seen in a while.

Sometimes it’s a test to my patience to stay home with them for days. And not see or really talk to an adult human being. But I’m trying. REALLY trying! It’s a little harder when they are sick because none of us sleeps much. So I try to love and cuddle and fill the days with crafts and just pass the time in constructive ways.

And here’s my sick little cuddlebug baby girl.


There will be more storms. And more sicknesses in this household. And we’ll be fine. We will stay home and love each other and fight with each other. Cause that’s how our family works.


My New Hobby

I have recently discovered an unknown love for sewing. My Grandma has always been the sewing adn quilting person in my family and we all love her beautiful creations. Well, now I hope to follow in her footsteps. I’ve been learning the basics from a friend and she guided me through my first project. It’s not perfect but I love it!

I’m so proud of it! Wavy seams and all 🙂

Do you have a previously unknown love for something new? Do you know of great sewing websites you could share?

The Best of Times

I am in love with the ages my kids are. They are both so funny and happy and unique. Each day they do or say something that makes my heart melt and puts a smile on my face. Sure my 3 year old son has tantrums and unreasonable expectations of having candy throughout the day. And my 18 month old daughter gets her feelings hurt and always wants to steal her older brother’s toys. But we make it through more days with laughter and smiles than crying and yelling. And I’m grateful for that.


For Halloween Colin was a dragon and Hannah was an owl. And they both looked so stinkin cute! Colin would “Roar” at everyone as soon as he put his costume on. He also would say “Trick or Treat. Give me something good to eat.” at some houses. Hannah’s trick or treat sounded totally intelligble. It was cold on Halloween but we had fun and the kids got some good candy. I had to test it out before giving to them!



Colin has recently been telling me about his dreams after his nap or in the morning. They are so interesting and fantastical. He told me in one dream he was driving a car and Hannah was in the back in her seat. I wonder where they were going! I’m learning so much from them and enjoying just being their Mom. I am so proud of all Colin is learning to do and feel such joy as he does something for the first time all by himself. Hannah is my cuddlebug and I’ll never get enough of her kisses, hugs and “lub you”s. I am loving this time and trying to enjoy each day with them.



I wish they could stay little and at home with me forever. I think I’ll go kiss them right now.


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