Growing My Family

This is my first really personal blog post so go easy on me! I have some big decisions to make in the next few months. I’m really struggling with the option to have more kids or to leave our little family at 4.

We have a son who is almost 3 and an 18 month old daughter. So my husband calls us the “million dollar” family and says I should leave it at that. Most days, I want more. In my head I picture a bigger family. We have the space and I have the time and love. On our really bad days, I do not want anymore children.

I think about this nearly everyday. Sometimes all day. I have a few people that say yea go for it. But there are also those who say no more kids than you have hands. I’m blessed to be able to even think these thoughts. Some women have been trying to get pregnant once for years and years.

Why do these family decisions have to be so hard?! What are your thoughts on this?



Reward Time

It’s that time of year again!!!!! The reward for our hard work is coming in off the combine. We seeded peas first so they are being combined first.


Brad tried swathing them first but a little bit of wind came along and blew the swathes all over. So off he went to town and wheeled and dealed for a new (to us) John Deere combine. He got a good deal and it works like a dream.


Brad’s Dad came out and drove the semi and unloaded so everything is going smoothly and quickly. Hooray! By tomorrow, I do believe all our peas will be in the bin. Such relief!


I really like the ruddy, red and brown colors of ripe standing peas.


Next stop: Canola!

This Is How We Roll

I love evening cruises! The temperature cools down and there’s peace and quiet around here.

We drive many evenings through our pastures to check on our cows and calves. Or we take the grid roads to see how our crops are doing.




I love our little corner of this great Earth!



3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions...


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