Cell Phones and Farming

I have an iPhone. I carry it everywhere with me. I use it a lot! My husband gets mad at me sometimes cause I’m on my phone most of the day.

Today I went outside with the kids to weed my huge flower planter. I left my phone inside cause I knew I’d be busy pulling weeds.

Brad had just left to go spray some land we’ve rented from a neighbor. It’s a few miles away and he said he’d be gone a couple hours.

The kids and I came in the house after about an hour and my cell was ringing.
It was Brad and he was MAD! A part on the sprayer had started leaking and he needed me to come pick him up.

We drove over to get him and he headed for parts in town. He gave me a lecture about always keeping my phone with me when he’s farming. So all the time pretty much.

I giggled inside at the irony of him giving me crap most days about always having my phone and also him telling me to always have my phone today.

The argument is over and the spraying has continued.


Lake Alma, Saskatchewan Farm



Hauling cattle

Working with cattle can be trying on a person’s nerves. Add in my husband’s temper and stubbornness and sometimes it’s just not fun.

This week, my husband and I attempted to haul 30 yearling heifers and 2 cow/calf pairs out to pasture. We also had both our young kids with us. It was a trying experience to say the least.

The first load went smoothly. He loaded all 12 heifers by himself and we hopped in the truck to drive them 70 km to our other farm. The kids slept on the way there and we were all okay.

Getting back home to load the second load, we left the kids in the truck and thought we’d be done in 20 minutes. Needless to say, it took over an hour. With my husband yelling and swearing at everything and my kids crying in the truck, my nerves were wore thin.

We finally got on the road again and the kids were sick of being in a vehicle. We dumped that load off and hurried home. As we loaded the last load one cow kept jumping over a barrier we had set up. It was beyond frustrating and I thought we were going to murder each other or that stupid cow. I helped him load the last trailer full and took the kids in the house. He made that trip alone.

Sometimes it’s not all fun and games around here. Our fun family time quickly changed to being absolutely sick of each other. But better days are to come!


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